Design build (Part 1)

Team members: Nada Abu Shakra, Anaisabel Olvera Alacio, Arwa Alnasser, Forough Abadian

In a group of 4, each student started their individual exploration
of a chosen plant, through digital modeling and paper mock ups. 
Various aspects of those plants such as texture, geometry, transparency, and color were investigated in the research stage. In the next step, interesting qualities of two nominated researched plants were integrated to form a hybrid unit. The result was a prototype capable of various degrees of flexibility and able to be replicated to create an architectural form

Diagram 9.jpg
Diagram 10.jpg
Diagram 11.jpg
Diagram 12.jpg
Diagram 13.jpg
Diagram 14.jpg
Diagram 15.jpg
Diagram 16.jpg
Diagram 17.jpg