It's More Than a Coloring Book!

The challenge: Color the set with all the sharpies in disposal and create a certain mood through specific color choices.

 My intention to start this side hobby was for practicing mindfulness and meditation, but soon it turned into a multipurpose experiment. When I finished coloring the first card, I thought of starting color combination practice and go wild with the color pairing. Of course, being a perfectionist ruins everything for you, even a hobby. As I was moving forward, I recognized myself developing an obsession over making next cards looking better and better. This thought pattern encouraged me to use this hobby to challenge my perfectionism and observe my own reaction toward choosing the not so great color pairings and let go of my mistakes. Some of them actually turned out to be funky and weird, but the beauty of it was that it was just a playful and messy hobby. I felt like being a kid again where I enjoyed the freedom to do weird stuff without the fear of other's judgments.

I remember all of Van Gogh's paintings yet, I wanted to re-create a radically different versions of them that are contemporary, surreal and something that reflected my mood and emotions when I was working on them.  That's why this is not just a coloring book but a multi-faceted mini project of mine. I have another set that has a collection of Monet's paintings. I'm itching to start that one soon, and maybe with new sets of challenges!

Forough Abadian